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At Bright Minds Interventions, we believe every person deserves to be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect. Because of these beliefs, we are committed to practicing ABA in a person-centered, trauma-informed, and compassionate manner with the primary goal of improving the lives of the families that we work with. 

We challenge traditional models of ABA while continuing to use the effective science of behavior analysis. We do this by working primarily in the natural environment, led by the motivations and interests of the child. We strive for our sessions to occur with the child happy, relaxed, and engaged. 

All behaviors are a form of communication, and we understand that our clients are advocating for themselves in the best way they know and because of this, we have a desire to understand a challenging behavior rather than control it. We avoid compliance as a goal, and instead, we prioritize goals that promote the development of a child’s skill deficits, their autonomy as well as improve their quality of life.

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